E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Our students won prizes in the "Pjetër Gaci" Competitions

Good news

The participation of our students in the competitions "Pjetër Gaci" in Shkodra, was rewarded with prizes for level performances

- Darian Pijls - Guitar, II Prize, 92 points, Category C, teacher class Endrit Xërxa

- Luizë Beqiri - Piano, 3rd Prize, 85.25 points, Category C, teacher Alzan Gashi class

- Arjona Ramadani - Piano, Diploma, 82.75 points, Category C, teacher Alzan Gashi

- Noa Basha - Piano, Diploma, 81.25 points, Category B, class of teacher Elza Mehmeti

We congratulate all the students for their participation and awards. Special thanks to the teachers for their commitment and work. We wish you much success in your next races and musical journey!

May 2021