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Christmas concert


On 21st of december 2016, Red Hall at the Youth Center has been over filled by children and parents who enjoy the musical program organized by their friends who are part of the music school "Amadeus". Wearing solemn outfits full of class, students of music school "Amadeus" showed their musical points for the 38th concert of the year-end holidays, writes kultplus.
The concert began with a waltz by girls who were part of a group of ballet with teacher Nexhmije Selca teacher. While dancing, little girls did not forget to smile and share the joy and love for ballet. Then
Aris Beqiri​ sang a song "The Joy of first day atSchool" , then Ariona Ramadan with "Song of the cherry" and Bora Berisha who performed in piano songs "Bingo and Happy Birdhday".
The concert continued with the presentation of Erblina Hoti, Feta Svarça, Andrra Kubati, Linor Sadiku, Endrin Gashi, Loreta Cakolli, Tiara Bajrami, Martin Beqiri, Bujar Krasniqi, Leta Hasani, Nar Bajrami, Luize Beqiri, Rejda Isufi, Vesa Kasapolli, Daria Gjonbalaj, Elena Halilaj, Dorina Azemi, Mal Kubati, Ema Thaci, , Elsa Morina, Sparta Gorani, Viola Brovina, Zgjim Beha, Ardrit Ramadani, Dorina Latifi, Korab Gashi, Olti Berisha, Jora Ismaili  and Auron Ismajli.
Students who had begun preparations for this concert three months ago showed their skills in singing, dancing, piano, flute, violin and grabbed the hearts of the public.
School Director Valbona Pula said that holding this concert has become a tradition that wants to transmit the message to children that they have to help each other, to respect and to share as much love.
This time the holiday season concert was supported with much love by the Bank for Business, which provided gifts for children guests and pupils of the school Amadeus.
"Usually for the holiday season at the concert we invite guests that are  very special guests and extremely dear to us who are children of the SOS village and children with special needs, because we consider that is a humane thing to show a childcare with special needs and it might even motivate them through listening to classical music even deal with music, so it is a double benefit for children, "Valbona Pula for kultplus said.
School "Amadeus" annually hosts three public concerts one in April, one in June and the closing concert of holiday