E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

About Us

AMADEUS music school was established in October 2002. The founder of the school is prof. Valbona – Pula Petrovci the first graduated a piano player in Kosovo. The music school Amadeus licensed by Ministry of Education Science and Technology provides lessons for children and adults in these instruments: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Flute, Viola, Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Solo singing, Balet, Saxophone, Drums as well as the lessons of Solfeggio as a necessary part of the curriculum.

From 1st of September 2017, Amadeus Music School provides music lessons for students age 4 - 6. The curriculum is an excellent American curriculum called " Preschool Prodigies" which meets all the criteria and standards for learning the basics of music, catching the perfect pitch, developing rhythmic skills, playing in the first musical instruments, recognition of music notes etc. 

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Amadeus Music school is the first school of its kind in Kosovo. School completes all the criteria and standards which should be met by such a school:

        A team of music teacher qualified for teaching at a professional school.

During the school year, the school organizes at least three concerts per year which are usually transmitted by our television stations. In these concerts also take part chamber ensembles and choir of the school. The students of Amadeus music school participate regularly in national and international competitive events. Until now the students of this school have been received over fifteen national and international awards.

The school Amadeus has produced talented students who are prepared to embark on further studies. Upon the schools, completion students are handed out diplomas on the elementary school of music or with certificates on the completion of the appropriate program.

Accept three regular concerts per year, Amadeus music school use to organize humanitarian concerts for children with special needs. 

It's undeniable contribution of this school in musical education and professional education of new generations.

“Playing a musical instrument is a richer world for your child”

“Give your child an opportunity to blossom as a personality “