E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Solo concert of our student Elena Halilaj

Elena Halilaj was enrolled for the first time at the “Amadeus” music school in March 2016.

Having attended private singing courses at the Xixëllonjat Choir, her parents were oriented to the Amadeus school for Elena to continue her professional education for her wonderful voice. From the beginning, Elena's teacher, Adelina Paloja noticed her potential and talent so she spent the curriculum of one school year within a semester. During this semester, Elena Halilaj was also the winner of a one-semester-long scholarship in violin direction from Amadeus music school. This led Elena to pursue lessons for two directions at the same time, violin and solo singing.

During the four years of schooling, Elena spent a serious curriculum for solo singing with a great work of her teacher Adelina Paloja. She participated in all the concerts organized by the Amadeus School, as well as in many national and international competitions and festivals such as "Prishtina Kids Fest" in 2016 where she was awarded the third prize and the "Tra la la" International Festival in Ohrid in 2017. Elena also in April 2018, represented Kosovo among the 17 participating countries at the “Euro Stars” in Malta festival. This Festival has a competitive character and is considered a rare privilege for young artists who want to be promoted in the music industry

The last year of Elena's solo singing classes was attended by teacher Vita Guhelli. In June 2019, Elena Halilaj was awarded two prizes at the International Art Festival in Italy "Magia Italiana". She received the second prize and was declared the best voice of the festival. Participants in this festival were over 100 children representing 17 European countries.

At the end of the 2018/2019 school year, Elena finished elementary school in the direction of the solo singing. At the end of the school year concert, she also had a graduation ceremony.

Since Elena Halilaj is a highly talented and committed student, on June 12, 2019, Amadeus Music School organized her first solo concert at the concert hall of this school. It can be said without hesitation that Elena performed excellently. Her teacher, Vita Guelli, says Elena has a tremendous potential to develop in this profession, only a lot of work and dedication is needed.

At her first solo concert, Elena sang parts by Musa Piperku, R. Sokoli, Lucio Dalla, T. Rrota, Alex North, Rick Allison, A. Prodani, these parts with great demands to accomplish. Accompanied in piano by her teacher Vita Guhelli, and with the voice of Elena, the concert excited the whole audience. With her voice as a new soloist with plenty of experience on the stage, Elena proved that talent, love, and work bring stunning results.

 Also in this concert performed the student of the VII year in piano department, Ylljon Kurti.

Elena Halilaj is also an excellent student of IX class at the "Don Bosko" school in Prishtina